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When it comes to renovating an old house, most of us consider painting the walls, polishing the floors and replacing the old furniture as a perfect renovation. But ever wondered, decorating the windows in an old house could bring a lot of positive change in the ambience of the house. Windows play a vital role in managing the weather in the house and the amount of light entering the house. You could start decorating your windows with the latest window coverings availble in the market today. Window covering basically includes window curtains, window shutters and window blinds. Window shutter and blinds are in trend these days and they suit perfectly for both residential and commercial buildings.


What are window shutters and window blinds and why are they important?

Window shutters and window blinds are two types of window covering. They both serve common purposes like security of the house, controlling the amount of sunlight entering a room, safeguarding against extreme weather conditions, enhancing the privacy of a room and keeping the pests away. These days, window shutters and blinds have become key instruments in interior designing as they vastly improve the aesthetics of the building. However, the window blinds and window shutters are simply not the same. While the window shutters are mostly  solid and stable, the window blinds are generally flexible. They are open or shut by rotating their position so that the slats overlap each other.

Choosing the right window blinds for your home

 Window blinds are available in various models and materials. Hence, it becomes necessary to choose the right window blinds that is stylish, cost effective and easy to manage as well. When you have a very big window what needs to be covered, it is better to cover them in portions with some light material for the slats. Else, pulling the heavy blinds up and down could put a lot of stress on the string. Rolgordijnen blinds are very trendy and are best suited for bay windows. Incase the window of your living room opens to a nice scenary, then you should consider covering them with window shades. Window shades can be pulled up as closely as possible so that the best picturesque view is well captured. Cellular blinds go well on a modern home with light wall colors. These blinds let light enter the room mildly while maintaining the privacy. When you want to block the light completely when the blinds are pulled down, you could choose aluminium blinds with half inch slats. When you are in a very cold place, it would make full sense to use wooden blinds as they block cold from outside entering in. For kitchens, it is wise to choose a blind material that is easy to clean and maintain. For office spaces, you should choose materials that block the sunlight well so that the glare on the computer screen is minimized. For windows that are pretty hard to reach, you can consider covering them with shades like skylight or arch-top.



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